February 2018

Do you like to read? I do, but I find there just isn’t enough time to get to the books. My son tells me that I need to get into audio books, and he’s right, but there is just something about curling up in a nice soft chair with an iced tea and reading a book. My family knows I like to read books, so they buy a lot – and I am way behind.

A book I heard about recently is what I would call a fill-in-the-blanks book called The Five Minute Journal that is described by its creator as “your secret weapon to focus on the good in life, become more mindful, and live WITH INTENTIONS.”

The books structured format asks you to write each morning three things to be grateful for; three things that would make the day great; and an affirmation for a way to grow or improve. At night you finish your day writing three amazing things that happened that day and answer a question about what could have made it better.

So, my confession: I’ve not read the book. But I did read what I outlined above and began to apply the structured requirements. In just a few weeks, I’ve witnessed some pretty cool stuff.

I’m finding myself thinking back with gratitude to coaches, teachers, former bosses, mentors and of course family members who have been role models. I’ve also begun to appreciate and think about little things like the wonder of owning a small business, a warm house to go home to, a nice car that starts every morning.

On New Year’s Day my mom of 88 years passed away. Not great news, right? Actually she had had Alzheimer’s for quite some time, and her passing was a good thing. The reason why I mention this day however is how absolutely grateful I was that I went out to visit her that morning…to talk with her…to hold her hand…to sing Tennessee Ernie Ford gospel songs with her.

And very recently I took a friend to lunch, who told me his business was growing so fast he needed a national sales manager. That afternoon, a neighbor asked if he could come over and chat; to tell me he had been downsized from his sales job and wanted to know if I knew of anything. Business friend meets neighbor. Sparks fly.

Try some of this Five Minute Journal stuff yourself. It has certainly given me a new look on life, and has challenged me to spread the good news to those around me. To help others focus on the good all around them. There is too much crap swirling around us all. But each of us has the ability to change that.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a 34 year old advertising agency (full-service marketing communications firm) located in Orlando Florida – Altamonte Springs.