September 2017

For those of you who have never experienced a hurricane before, well let me tell you as an expert that it can be exciting, invigorating, challenging, frightening and horrifying all at the same time. I grew up in Orlando, Florida having moved here with my family in 1960 when I was 5 years old. I’ve gone through more hurricanes than I can remember or count starting with DONNA in 1960 – even as a 5 year old I remember how powerful and destructive hurricane Donna was to Florida and other areas.

At 62, well, IRMA was a first. It was easily the most harrowing storm I have ridden out in Orlando Florida…so much so that I cannot even imagine what it was like on the islands as well as The Keys (where we have several clients) and Naples (where we also have clients). The winds went on for hour after hour after hour. I am glad the experience is behind us, that we are all safe, and that we move on to live another day – literally and figuratively.

Just wanted you to know that Altamonte Springs, where 78Madison is located, took a direct hit from Irma. Many are just focused on the destruction down south, but Central Florida/Orlando took more of a hit than most know. Our company was out of power for an entire week, and at least ½ of our staff was out of power, cell or internet for the time period. At 12:05am on September 18th power was restored in our building; and while we were working on behalf of our clients as best we could during the week prior, it was good to get into our offices, sit at our desks and work without interruption.

Thank you all for your patience, for your concern, and for your support during this difficult time.

Joe Bouch
CEO 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service marketing communications firm (advertising agency) located in Orlando Florida (Altamonte Springs Florida)