November 2018

It’s that time of year.  No, not the holidays; planning for 2019.  Do you have a strategy for growing your business? If you are reading this and the answer is NO, well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are already behind the curve if you don’t have something in place. Don’t freak out, it’s not a lost cause – you can still get on track and not miss a beat, but you do need to act with some urgency. 


First, take a break from your day-to-day activities and completely unplug from your business.  You heard me right – take a break!  For people like me, that is extremely challenging, as I get an energy boost from the day-to-day chaos that often surrounds me. 

I’m thinking we might be cut from the same cloth, right?  Your thinking (as I would) what about my clients or customers or employees or PLANNING?  What if…

Calm down.  It can wait…and what “can’t wait” will certainly be covered by others in your organization.  I know we all think the world cannot spin without us, but well, it can.  You need to rest.  You need to clear your head.  You need to mentally prepare for planning.

Now, back to business.  

Where is your business plan and what does it say?  Note that you can literally keep it to a single page.  Too often organizations get overwhelmed because they think planning means a 50-page document with data and graphs and objectives and measurement and…well, you get the picture. But let’s be real; while much of the information in those voluminous documents is helpful in the long run, in the short run a single page can be much more pointed and therefore, much more powerful.  

Here’s want you need to concentrate on…

Where did your business come from in 2018?  Specifically!
What is your revenue/sales projection for 2019, and how does that compare to 2018?
Assuming you are projecting growth, where do you expect your business to come from in 2019?  Specifically!
What are the differences between 2018 and 2019 if any?
What is your 2019 marketing/communications budget?
How will you utilize that budget toward achieving goals/projections?

I am sure you might think I am oversimplifying things here, but time is of the essence, so cut to the chase. Let’s be honest – you know your business inside and out, and you know your competition.  You know, and I know that a 50-page document is not going to change what you already know. So, get to work, figure out what your goals are, figure out where you will get the business to achieve those goals, and figure out how you are going to communicate your story to these prospects. DONE!!

Let me know your thoughts.  Let us know if this is helpful.

Joe Bouch
CEO 78Madison

78Madison is an Orlando/Altamonte Springs, Florida based, full-service marketing communications firm - advertising agency.  Strategy. Creative. Web. Social. Media. PR. Research. Copywriting. Art/Design.