The Benefits of Public Relations

The Benefits of Public Relations

July 2019

Public relations can add tremendous value to a company's overall marketing plan by creating the visibility and validity that's necessary to fuel all other marketing activities.  A prospect will be more likely to open a direct mail piece, attend a special event, listen to a sales pitch, or actually buy a product if they just read about the company in the Wall Street Journal, saw its CEO speak on CNN or FOX News, noticed the company winning awards and praise from online feeds, or read an article authored by the company.

In order to build a successful public relations program, the first step is making a commitment.  Recognize that there will likely be some short-term wins, but also realize that if a company sticks with PR over the long haul, the benefits will be lasting and measurable.  And being committed doesn't just mean earmarking funds.  It also means partnering with PR executives, whether an in-house team or from an agency, so that they are well informed of all corporate initiatives and have the tools they need to succeed.

With the right information in hand, a well-informed and astute PR team like we have at 78Madison will design a plan that can meet any number of corporate goals, while at the same time integrating into the overall marketing plan. These goals can include things like helping a company increase the number of leads generated on a day-to-day basis; increasing the value of these leads, so that the sales cycle shrinks and the average sales price grows; and building corporate credibility, so shareholders and potential shareholders believe in the company's leadership and mission.

Bottom line, people ignore ideas that ignore them. A major role of public relations is to build, nurture and defend a client’s reputations among key audiences to ensure their businesses survive and thrive.

Joe Bouch

CEO, 78Madison

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