TV – Still the Most Important Screen in the House

TV – Still the Most Important Screen in the House
March 2019

If we had a dollar for every time someone said that TV was dead, yes, we’d be rich. So, it is time to again reiterate, perhaps in a different way, that despite all the talk of upheaval and disruption of TV, it remains the most important screen in the house. 

Daily we read report after report forecasting that consumers worldwide will soon be spending more time online than they do watching TV and that TV viewing itself has transformed from linear cable to on-demand digital. 

But none of this says TV is dying. 

Maybe viewership of live broadcasts is shifting, but it is still the device around which households gather to be informed and entertained. And here’s the good news. The rise of Smart TVs – digital televisions that use the internet – changes the equation significantly. Instead of seeing the TV as a stand-alone set, it’s time to start treating it like a connected device. And that means taking advantage of the data it tells you about households and viewers. 

What kind of data are we talking about?

Many Smart TVs incorporate a technology called automatic content recognition that allows them to detect what’s playing on a screen at any given moment. This can be used to track what shows, movies or sports viewers are watching and can also identify what ads they’re seeing. Brands will be able to reach consumers who watch a particular program, saw a particular ad (or competitors ad), or who fit a particular profile. 

The real power comes from collecting TV data and combining it with digital profiles. Consider what that means. Digital advertisers have long been able to identify targetable audience behavior as digital-first or mobile-first. Now however, advertisers can identify TV-first individuals and households and build their cross-platform campaigns accordingly. 

For now, we’ll leave what that might look like for another blog.  Yes, it remains all about the data, but don’t forget TV in the equation.

The 78Madison Digital Team

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