What Drives 78Madison's Success?

I was having breakfast with a new client prospect recently and as often is the case, I began to lay out the reasons why 78Madison was different – truly different from any other agency they could ever consider hiring.

In a nutshell, our success comes from our people. 78Madison’s staff is unmatched, no matter the discipline. Bold statement, I know. But the truth plays out every day with a lot of clients who have been with us 10+ years.

What this all means regarding differentiation is that other companies/agencies can only do what we do IF they develop the same skills and the same determination that the staff at 78Madison has. We use no specialized materials that are in short supply. We don’t have massive production studios that would be hard to duplicate. We don’t possess any proprietary technology. Our business doesn’t depend on exchange rate fluctuations, or the amount of money Congress votes for defense or housing starts or raw materials. 

Our success is entirely UP TO US…

Our own initiative, creativity, hard work, service levels, accountability. If we pinch one of our client’s businesses, we expect to see something jump. Unless we do something every day to create interest on behalf of our clients, we’re out of business by nightfall. In a sense, we live day to day by our wits, by our creativity, by our energy, and by our determination. We re-create ourselves, and our business, every day, every month, every year!  It’s in our DNA, in our culture, and it gives us one heck of a sense of urgency. Our world is a constant battle for the hearts and minds of consumers. 

And what kind of people does it take to thrive in this kind of culture? Well, the 78Madison team tends to be less administrative in nature and more creative and entrepreneurial. They tend to have exceedingly high energy levels; they need to make something happen. We also tend to be a bit informal and open. We don’t send an email when a phone call will work better, and we don’t phone when we can walk down the hall and have face to face conversations. 

It’s not an environment for everyone. But it works. It’s effective. And it makes us very different from any other ad agency environment I’ve ever been in. At 78Madison, our staff works hard, and they work together toward shared goals. Very talented people stretching themselves to deliver results. 

78Madison’s employees are its most vital asset. It’s our difference maker.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

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