September 2020

Below are the ABC’s of 78Madison. It defines our DNA - not empty credos. If you sit down with any staff member at our agency, of course they would not be able to rattle these credo’s off in succession.  But if you asked them about each, they would smile and say, oh yes, that’s 78Madison.

A – Attitude affects outcome. Bad attitudes are not acceptable.

B – Believe; and be an advocate for our clients, always.

C – Collaboration drives the best in creative thinking.

D – Demand excellence in everything we do.

E – Engage with energy, efficiency, and enthusiasm.
F – Forget about being right; Just do what is right.

G – Growing our client’s business is priority #1.

H – Humility will guide our communications process – it should never be about us.

I – Improving our skill set is a continuing process at 78Madison.

J – Judiciousness is part of our DNA – Good judgement, Wise counsel.

K – Keeping calm in the face of challenges; it’s an opportunity for learning and showing mettle. 

L – Listen well; listening is the most important skill of a marketing executive.

M – Manage expectations, always.

N – Never ignore a client’s request.

O – Offer more than expected; go the extra mile.

P – Patience is required for relationships to grow and remain strong. 

Q – Quality control is essential on all work.

R – Reflective, Rational, Reliable, Resilient, Resolute. 

S – Service, Service, Service! You can never over-service. Set realistic goals as well; don’t overpromise.

T – Train, Train, Train so we can continually offer our clients solutions. 

U – Unleash our passion every day, in all we do.

V – Visualize need from the customers perspective.

W – Words matter.

X – Xenodochy – a 17th century word for hospitality – be hospitable. 

Y – Yearn to be the best in all we do.

Z – Zero tolerance for mediocrity. 

78Madison is an Orlando-based full-service marketing communications firm who wants to help clients Get Inspired, Get Connected and Get Mad.  We’d love to start a conversation. Come visit us in the Scan Design Building in Altamonte Springs.