July 2019

For many travel clients that we partner with, their most loyal guests are those who they’ve developed longstanding relationships – whether on the business or leisure side of the equation.  In fact, it’s been said that at the heart of every good relationship is effective communications. From our perspective, no truer words have been said.

Creating “forever clients” doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it requires skillful communication. And while technology has given us many ways to “communicate” today, we also believe it has created a disconnect when it comes to the “art” of interaction. I can see the eye-rolls now, as many of you are thinking “there goes old-school Joe again”. But truth be told, positive interactions are crucial in forging long-term relationships, which can be built only when you know your customers and serve them through adept communication.

Communication works only when everything in the interaction process goes as planned, with the recipient understanding the message in the way it was intended. This vital question should be memorialized and recited to every potential client the next time a request is made: “How would you like me to communicate with you?” Gone are the days when everyone wants to communicate via phone or email or, for that matter, face-to-face. How you communicate should be based on a clients’ preferences, otherwise you will never know if they are actually getting your messages.

Successful communication starts with understanding customer needs. By identifying those needs, you are showing your clients that you care – and studies consistently show that customers prefer to work with businesses, and people, who care. Serving customers means respecting their preferences and trying your best to facilitate accordingly.  As an example, Millennials communicate very differently than other generations. If you want to win their business, you not only need to speak their language, but you need to do so via the method they prefer. When you ask them how they want to communicate, you are demonstrating to them that their needs are your priority.

In the final analysis, it’s well worth the effort to ascertain your clients’ communication preferences. The benefits of effective communication foster understanding, strengthen relationships, and build trust.

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Joe Bouch
CEO, 78madison

78Madison is a global full-service marketing communications firm located in Orlando – Altamonte Springs, Florida. In old-school terms, we are a full-service advertising agency.