April 2020

If your business is anything like 78Madison’s, you’re probably wondering what will happen post COVID-19. What will the economy look like? Will it turn around quickly?  Remain stagnant?  Continue to be depressed? 

Of course, we wish we had the answer, but even the smartest economists in the world don’t have a clear picture of what post COVID-19 will look like. What we can tell you however, is that not only have many industries survived past difficulties, but American grit has always found a way to energize the human spirit in such a way that everyone gets aboard the “we can do this” train. A belief that we can shake the dust off our shoes and get the world’s economy moving again – traveling, socializing and living. 

Below are our top ten business considerations for post COVID-19:

Don’t simply conclude that business is horrible, and that nobody will travel, buy homes and cars or enjoy life at restaurants, bars and sporting events. Instead, presume that business is different, and we just have to adjust our plans accordingly. There are many different communication approaches you’ve likely never tried before. Try them! 

It’s all about perspective. When you hear a statistic like “Travel will be down 50% for at least a year following the COVID-19 crisis” it actually means that 1.15 billion trips will be made in the U.S. alone in the next 12 months; compared to U.S. domestic travel of 2.3 billion person-trips in 2019. The only unanswered question is: who will get that business? Trust us, this example likely applies to every business category around the world. Many see gloom when there is actually PLENTY of opportunity. Business is different. It’s all about perspective.

Can’t focus? Talk to an outside expert. Often a fresh viewpoint is all you need to put your business in perspective. Strategic collaboration is 100% about finding partners that will compliment what you are doing, and that share similar core values. Collaboration will ultimately help you think bigger and achieve bigger things.

Try everything. If there were ever a time to leave no stone unturned, it’s now. Moving business forward in today’s environment will take everyone’s hard work, late hours, and countless cold pizzas. But it will be worth it. Promise. 78Madison cannot overemphasize how important it is for businesses to maximize the power of their marketing budget by utilizing media that is currently enjoying underpriced attention - allocating as much of your ad and content production budget as possible to these underpriced mediums. We can show you how this works if you’d like to know more. 

If it’s not already the case, immediately make marketing a TEAM effort. Brainstorm ideas without bounds. This brings out the best in people and encourages folks with varied backgrounds to work together. Now is the perfect time to build out your sales tools, implement new operating procedures, sure up your website and social platforms, organize your server files and enact other valuable refinements. Focusing on projects like this are investments into the future of your business, allowing your sales team to be better prepared, to improve operational processes, and ultimately to increase efficiency. 

Figure out ways to stand out and get noticed. In today’s economic downturn, it is even more important to be different - to be loud, but simple; to say something relevant and compelling to your audience. In the midst of COVID-19, we recommended something as simple as suggesting that a beachfront hotel turn their live webcam toward the ocean where spectacular sunsets happen most nights. They did.  

Check out the results:

Meet and listen! A negative effect of COVID-19 has been that many companies have turned inward. Cut their budgets. Stopped meeting. Stopped talking. Stopped listening. That’s a big mistake. Conversation will grease the engine of business enterprise. It’s where commerce takes place and power-plans are born. Meet! Listen! YES, ONLINE. You won’t be disappointed

Get dirty. Quit standing on the sidelines when it comes to social marketing, white papers, blogging and the like. We are quite confident you have much to offer those around you. Today, and ongoing, you should be using these tools to the max, particularly with tight marketing budgets.

Be creative! You might have the greatest business in the world, but if your communications platform – messaging - is delivered in an uninspiring, unappealing way, you lose. Great creative makes your prospects look, think and act. Re-evaluate your messaging today, and if you need help, get it. 

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Yes, an aged old phrase, but true. Keep it simple. Keep it authentic. Don’t get distracted from who you are and what your mission is!

Hope this is a bit of fresh air. Food for thought.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

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