How to Have a Great Christmas
December 2020

Each year about this time it is my tradition to send a message of hope – to clients, employees, friends, families, anyone willing to read our blogs. This year, getting into the “cheerful” frame of mind has not been as easy as usual.

Stating the obvious, 2020 has been a really trying year for most - global pandemic, financial uncertainty, social unrest, political tension, and physical distancing between our loved ones. I picture myself years from now telling my grandchildren epic stories of how we all survived the horrific year called 2020, but I digress…

Celebrating Christmas in the midst of all we’ve been through might seem a bit challenging, but truth be told, we need this Christmas perhaps more than we’ve needed any other Christmas in our lifetimes. Part of me is tempted to rush through Christmas to get to the finish line of 2020 as fast as possible in the hopes that 2021 will be a better year. But I think it would be a mistake for any of us to rush through this holiday season. This Christmas needs to be savored and celebrated like never before. 

Yes, this year might look different than we’d planned, but we can still have a great Christmas. In fact, I believe it could be one of our best and most memorable holiday seasons ever. Not so sure?  Then make it happen in your own home and workplace. Below are some ideas…

Reset your expectations
No doubt, some of your family traditions and family gatherings might look really different this year, and that’s okay. You might not be able to physically see everyone you’d like to see and that’s okay too. You might not be able to afford all the gifts you’d like to buy. But this year, give yourself a lot of grace. Give your family a lot of grace. Give your friends a lot of grace. We need to realize that Cindy Lou Who was right – that Christmas isn’t about presents, but about spending time with loved ones. Yes, the gatherings may be smaller, but make each moment count.  

Set some ground rules - “no drama”
The holidays often put us face to face with people who love “drama”, and they’ll do their best to pull you into it. Choose to rise above the fray. This season let everyone know that your household is taking a break from the pandemic, political conversations, and drama. Wherever you are, put on lots of Christmas music, and when you are home, put on your favorite Christmas movies. Give yourself permission to relax and laugh a little. 

Choose to be a peacemaker
Christmas, after all, is celebrating the birth of “The Prince of Peace.” Follow Jesus’ example and work to promote peace in your home and with your extended family. Offer love and respect to people even when you think they might not deserve it. This is an extension of the “no drama” policy. 

Don’t go broke
2020 has hit most of us financially, so again, set some ground rules with your family and friends. Do not under any circumstances add unnecessary financial stress by overdoing it on gifts. Trust me, everyone will understand and wish they’d done the same thing. Your family doesn’t need more gadgets and clothes as much as they just need to know that you love them. It’s not about the price tag; it’s about the thoughtfulness. 

Be present
Fight the temptation to escape into your smartphone instead of engaging in conversation. It’s possible to be in the same room but in a different world from your loved ones. Be fully present and actively participate in the moments. Make memories, not regrets.

Don’t forget the reason for the season.
The presents and food are awesome, but don’t forget to honor God who makes it all possible. Jesus is truly the reason for the season and as you invite “The Prince of Peace” into the center of your heart and home, His peace will guard and guide you through Christmas and all year long. Keeping your focus on Him has a way of bringing everything else into its proper place.

From all of us at 78Madison, we wish you all the most amazing Christmas ever, and the foundation of a great 2021.

Joe Bouch, CEO

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