June 2020

As we all take a deep breath from what can only be described as a paradigm shift in how we view home and work and everyday living, the road before us can appear pretty daunting. Over the past weeks, 78Madison has taken time to reflect on how we have been doing business and the changes that will be necessary moving forward.  

For sure, the traditional advertising agency model, while still intact, will likely have to change to a large extent. In my early “mad men” days, advertising agencies were considered the “keepers of the brand” who understood customers better than their clients. With only a handful of demographic profiles, and relatively few media outlets, the math was fairly simple even as more and more technology entered the picture. More recently however, change has been rapid, and is playing a major role in how society functions, particularly during 2020. Here is why:

Customers have gotten smarter: consumers today understand marketing, are more cynical about it, and have more control over it. They filter, reject, zap, mold, manipulate or completely ignore marketing messages. This is partly a function of technology and partly a function of the growing deluge of information we all must wade through to function in the world. Over the past weeks in particular, we have witnessed that consumers are the boss; content managers decide what messages to accept, when and where. If brands don’t understand how this shift in consumerism is changing messaging approach, we’re not sure what will. 

Clients have gotten smarter: while it is not new news that companies and organizations have been getting smarter about their markets, their customers, and their brands for some time, there is no doubt that the COVID19 phenomena has ramped up their understanding. As we have all watched the world deal with an unprecedented pandemic, technology has allowed companies to transform themselves over night. Code scanners, internet and smartphone technologies, touch-point management and a host of other tools are not only at the disposal of organizations worldwide, but they have enabled clients to be smarter about how they interact with a rapidly changing marketplace. 

Media have gotten smarter: there is a smartphone, tablet, website, social platform, cable channel, newsgroup, chat room, blog, app, influencer and satellite radio station for everyone and every business segment - an array of media options more integrated, interactive, and intimate than ever. Determining the right vehicle and the optimal mix remains a challenge for both agency and client alike, not necessarily because of complexities, but more so because of budget limitations. Although developing the right message for distinct audience segments, in today’s environment, will remain a challenge and an opportunity. 

So today, everyone, not just the ad agency, has become the keeper of the brand.

As such, 78Madison’s approach has evolved into a role we describe as the “keeper of clarity”. In other words, if we can achieve clarity in a sea of media and consumer complexity, everything else will naturally fall into place. We can scan the horizon for the newest tools, techniques, and trends, and subsequently employ the strategy that best suits the needs of the brand and their audiences. 

We are excited about the future of our agency and the relationships we have with each of our clients. We are committed to bringing clarity to each consumer by delivering consistent, compelling messages at every media touchpoint we choose. Our charge will always be to get consumers talking about your brand. 

Let’s start a conversation.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service Orlando based advertising agency and marketing communications firm. Our offices are in Altamonte Springs, Florida.