November 2020

As we (hopefully) begin to approach the back end of COVID19 and enter a new business year – 2021 – it’s time to remind ourselves of all the reasons why marketing matters. Unfortunately, many businesses who elected to put marketing aside during the pandemic have become used to keeping their dollars in the bank. Continuing to do so however, could cost your business long-term. 

Historically, there isn’t much doubt that marketing matters immensely when it comes to your brand, your business, and your end-of-year numbers. If you disagree, then you have simply not been running the right campaign in the right places. 

Listen, the positive impact that marketing can have is why major brands pay the big bucks for Super Bowl spots or why you get postcards in the mail about the new dental clinic opening near you. It is why huge amounts of market research and psychology is applied to figuring out which color is most apt to make you hungry (think the red and yellow of McDonalds) or soothe you (like the cool blue tones found in a lot of medical offices).

Marketing matters and 78Madison stakes its reputation on that fact. Not just one segment of your marketing communications platform, but every aspect of it. 

At 78madison, every area of your marketing plan has a functional role in the overall growth of your business – each area working together to achieve results. Yes, we know that “results” mean different things to different people and that not everyone is trying to get customers running to their doors. Whatever your goals are, however, know that marketing will play an important role to a positive outcome.  

The belief that marketing matters is why we spend months researching your target, your niche, your competitors, your strengths, weaknesses, and of course why your brand is unique. Your marketing platform should foundationally be built around a toolbox of strategies and tactics that you will continually refer to as you drive your efforts forward. There is much value in an approach that hits your target at multiple points in a variety of ways. The more times and ways they engage with your brand, the more likely they are to respond.

The point? 

The point is that marketing is a million shades of vurmillion. Sure, it’s about capturing attention, but the future of marketing is recognizing that customers are people – it’s about turning your brand into a human experience. 

As humans, we’re sensory creatures. We’re sensitive to music playing in the background of a building we enter, or the weight of the watch on our left hand or the alluring aroma of the 100% arabica, Columbian dark roast wafting from your mug. Oh you’re not drinking coffee?  Well, now you want to. At the very least you are thinking about it, which further illustrates the point. That, or your still hung up on vermilion…a lot of people are. Some of you might even have noticed we misspelled it, on purpose. 

As you skim back to check the typo, you are likely thinking about the brands you interact with every day – one’s that specifically craft experiences that make people feel as well as think. And the real beauty isn’t just recognizing the power of marketing, but also knowing how all the pieces connect. Playing with the 7 million colors the human eye is capable of seeing. Stimulating the 20 million nerve endings that allow us to feel everything from a gentle breeze to an embossed logo. It’s a smirk, a smile, or even an eye roll. 

In the few minutes we’ve shared together, we’ve already tickled your hippocampus and set your subconscious on a new path. Imagine what could happen in a whole day. At 78Madison, we build connections, we build experiences, and we build through innovation, all in an effort to elevate the humanity in everyday business. If that sounds helpful, consider this a long-winded meeting reminder. Or at the very least, a good reason to visit us at 

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is an Orlando-based full-service marketing communications firm who wants to help clients Get Inspired, Get Connected and Get Mad.  We’d love to start a conversation. Come visit us in the Scan Design Building in Altamonte Springs.