May 2020

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, things will certainly look different in America given the pandemic that has affected us all in so many ways.  Outside of the Great Depression, our current state of affairs is arguably as dire as any we have ever experienced before. We would imagine that those who died serving our country, and who we remember on Monday May 25th, would be shocked by our current circumstances. They might wonder where that fearlessness that defines the American culture went. 

We hope we can find it soon!

And when we do, we hope it will not be a timid re-entry. We are challenging all who are able to fearlessly step up to help those who are on the brink of losing it all. Time is of the essence. How might you help? We’ve listed just a few ways below. 

  • Book a vacation at your favorite hotel or resort.
  • Fly
  • Go to the Mall, and shop
  • Hail a Cab or Uber or the transportation mode of your choice
  • Re-schedule that business conference, or convention, or event, or wedding
  • Get going on that home renovation you put off
  • Begin shopping for that dream house
  • Eat at your favorite restaurants – not just order out and pick up
  • Get back to the gym, or get your haircut or hair styled
  • Start using your ad agency again – or continue the hiring process
  • Give those new college grads a chance for employment
  • Go to a sporting event, concert, play 
  • Spend a day at the beach and visit the local shops

We realize that rebuilding the U.S. economy following this tragic pandemic is not going to be easy. Further, we realize that with so many out of work, and businesses shutting down, discretionary funds may be limited. BUT IF YOU CAN, if you or your organization have the financial wherewithal to get our economic engine running again, we are asking you to spend! A healthy economy is the only way we can begin getting people out of their homes and back to work. While we are quite sure we did not get into this mess unified, for sure we have to come out of it unified. 

To ensure we honor the sacrifices of America's fallen heroes, and that they will never be forgotten, this year’s Memorial Day celebration takes on new meaning. Let this be the first day where Americans begin taking back their country. Fly your flag in reverence. Remember those who made our way of life possible. And celebrate freedom in all ways possible. 

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Let’s get our economic engines running again.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

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