March 2017

Coming down with March Madness before the Big Dance may sound like an excuse to skip prom, but it actually describes our nationwide obsession with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This 68-team basketball bonanza has been known to crown a Cinderella or two, produce at least one shining moment a year, and turn millions of Americans into illegal gamblers. It’s that good. And this year, in Orlando, where I live, my Florida State Seminoles are part of the dance; doesn’t get better than that!

It’s also a big business both on and off the court, making millionaires out of coaches, conference commissioners and NCAA executives but very few players. Tournament time takes a toll on fans’ wallets, too, and not just in terms of the millions we lose in bracket pools each year. The average single-game ticket costs are generally over the top expensive, for one thing. Roughly 3.5 million extra cases of beer are produced to keep up with increased demand. And there’s the potential for some workplace conflict, since distracted employees cost businesses about $4 billion per year. I must admit I have always wondered about that “costing businesses” comment. I own a business, and am a firm believer that having your employees participate in and enjoy big happenings helps moral which over all help productivity – but that’s me.

Bottom line, there’s a lot more to this basketball tournament than just basketball. So if your are in to it…enjoy the show…on me.

Joe Bouch

78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm (advertising agency) located in Orlando, Florida (Altamonte Springs – Central Florida)

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