JUNE 2017

I thought the best time to write a blog on traveling, is right after a trip. I recently got back from a 5-day trip to Las Vegas, and I must say, my pocket does not feel empty! Even though I am only 21 years old, I have managed to visit over 9 countries simply by keeping a strict budget. Most people have this mentality that traveling can be expensive and push it off, but if I can go all around the globe before graduating college and not be in debt, then it is possible. Here are my 3 tips that I have learned over time on what gives me the most bang for my buck.

1.Create an Agenda: The key is to plan. Know how much you are willing to spend and plan anything and everything ahead of time. Planning ahead of time gives you the most options for the least amount of money. Flights to Europe can be found for less than $400 if you book in advance. A round trip flight and hostel will still cost less than your average flight to somewhere in the states.

2.Find Package Deals: Instead of paying per night for a hotel room, look online for special offers on the hotel website. Deals like “pay for two nights & get the third free” or “includes breakfast daily”. I’ve even stayed at hotels where meals were all inclusive with the price paid for a room. Hotels offer great bundle deals, especially during week days so try to get the most you can for your dollar. Another suggested tip I would have is to find a hotel brand you like and stick with that brand as you travel. Hotels offer amazing incentives like discounted rates, meals, transportation and even free rooms simply for being a loyal customer.

3.Research: As far as memories and making the most out of your time with a budget, it’s all about research. Instead of spending money on cheesy tours, ask for suggestions online, look up inexpensive attractions, and read reviews. It is 2017... That is what we do! Take advantage of the new technology that exists. Reviews from sites like TripAdvisor will give the best insight from travelers just like you and will also save you time/money on places that may not be worth visiting.

Again, the strategy is to plan ahead of time. You will notice with all the money you have managed to easily save; you can have 3 or 4 trips a year rather than one short one. I have managed to go on 4 trips this year by traveling on a budget...and it is only June! A budget does not mean cutting corners. If anything, I believe it means you have a planner filled with endless activities on a vacation alone, with friends or family for the best deal. Now grab your planners, pull out a map, and start your international adventure.

Speaking of travel, one of my best memories was hiking in a small, quiet town in Spain, called Rhonda, with my best friend to the most breathtaking view… what has been one of your great travel memories? Was it with friends, family, or alone?

Tarlan Eshghi
Account Services Intern, 78Madison
Student, University of Central Florida

78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm located in Orlando Florida (Altamonte Springs Florida)

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