July 2017

Just wanted to let everyone know out there in SEO land that we do try to practice what we preach here at 78Madison. As you may or may not recall, when we changed our company name from Chisano Marketing Group to 78Madison in January 2016, we were frankly shocked that…

…When we searched for advertising agencies in Altamonte Springs (where we were located), we did not show up on google search until about page 38. Statistically, we didn’t think that was even possible.

…But worse, when we searched for advertising agencies in Orlando (Altamonte Springs is a suburb of Orlando), we showed up on page 50.

Yes, we knew that the name change would impact search; but page 38 and 50? Frankly it was pretty daunting as we began to consider how we would begin the journey to the top. It is one thing to move from page 4 or 5 to the top. But page 38 and 50? Adding to our challenge was the fact that by design 78Madison creative a website that was simple and light on content; good for the visitor, but not so good for SEO.

Our plan of attack to rise to the top of Google’s search engine?

First, add a line to our welcome/homepage copy: “We are a full-service advertising agency and marketing communications firm located in Orlando, Florida - Altamonte Springs.” The key words were full-service advertising agency; marketing communications firm; Orlando, Florida; Altamonte Springs.

Second, while we had a blog section on our website prior to becoming 78Madison, we did not really focus on keywords. In other words, we just generically wrote on a number of subjects, but rarely inserted key words that would positively impact how the web crawlers/spiders/bots would index our site. So beginning with our first 78Madison blog called WELCOME TO 78MADISON, we began to write articles that we felt were not only helpful to clients and prospects alike, but strong in its SEO capabilities. In fact articles like FREE ORLANDO, AN INTERVIEW WITH JOE BOUCH, and ORLANDO, were specifically designed to help with our SEO ranking.

Third, like on the home page, at the end of every blog since we became 78Madison, we add the line: 78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm located in Orlando Florida (Altamonte Springs, Florida).

Fourth, we have consistently written articles. Unlike many websites where you may see a blog every 3 to 6 months, we are contributing every month, which in turns keeps our ranking fresh.

The results:
It was a steady climb, literally. Up one or two pages. Up one or two pages. Up one or two pages. Today, when you type in advertising agencies in Altamonte Springs, 78Madison is on page one of the search engines and usually either number one on the page or number two. For Orlando, which was a much harder task, 78Madison can also be found on page one, about mid-range on the page. Pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

The cost to do so – time and talent.

Do you have any SEO stories you’d like to share. We’d love to hear.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service marketing communications firm (advertising agency) located in Orlando, Florida (Altamonte Springs, Florida)

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