July 2017

You might not know it amid all the talk about the difficulty of mobile marketing, but there has been plenty of creative brilliance on the smallest screen over the past few years. Unfortunately the “brilliance” is rare because too many marketers think mobile is just another channel. But it’s not. It’s all things. At 78Madison we have always believed that the perfect mobile campaign isn’t a campaign at all. Rather it’s a brand extension where marketing comes backed into the product. While TV is storytelling, great mobile is about storydoing.

The honest truth is that mobile marketing should do one of four things: entertain, inform, assist or leave people alone.

In the assist realm, for example, we see untapped opportunities for brand-customer relations. Especially in mobile, there is huge convergence between marketing, advertising and customer support…but a too many companies are not set up to do that.

And then there’s video. It’s top of mind when it comes to mobile because that’s where the eyeballs are easiest to grab, for extended periods of time. But commanding attention in this space doesn’t necessarily adhere to the tried-and-true formulas for bigger screens. For example, Google recently conducted an experiment called “unskippable labs” to determine what sort of video content captivated viewers on mobile devices. It partnered with BBDO and Mountain Dew to see how a traditional ad, Mountain Dew Kickstart’s “Come Alive,” would fare as mobile video by editing it three different ways.

One cut showed the TV spot. Another put the product boldly at the beginning before dripping viewers into the middle of the action. The third was a much longer 90-plus-seconds and more random – pure fun – edit that featured more out-there content and gave viewers no traditional story cues. What Google found was that although all the cuts had similar view-through rates on desk-top, on mobile the “pure fun” ad had a 26% higher view-through than the others. The findings suggested that viewers may be more generous with their time on mobile than previously thought, and videos that are more creative and less ad-like are more likely to pay off.

The message to advertising agencies and clients alike? We have to start thinking differently about what an ad looks like on mobile. We talk a lot about “acting like a fan” and making content that feels native to the platform, but too often don’t deliver on the promise. On mobile, you have to be a little weirder…you have to embrace the rawness.

A lot of what 78Madison sees that’s successful isn’t polished content; sometimes it’s about quality of the idea, not the quality of what it looks like.

What do you think about creativity and mobile?

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full-service, Florida-Based marketing communication firm (advertising agency) located in Orlando/Altamonte Springs Florida.

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