August 2017

Students talk about finding internships, applying for internships, keeping an internship, but what’s it like during the actual internship? As a current intern myself, I’m here to give a little insight. Imagine spending months and months searching and applying for a dream job and then finally receiving the call that there's a job opening for you. That excitement, that thrill, that priceless feeling is exactly how I felt on my first day at the 78Madison office. It was my first internship, and all I had was textbook knowledge of the advertising industry. I was hungry for that hands-on experience, and that was exactly what I got. I was given an opportunity to learn so much for the summer as an account services intern and the best way I could describe working at this agency in three words would be - collaborative, organized, and professional.

The first thing I learned as an intern was that working at an agency is a team effort which is great, because you know you’re not alone. No job at an agency can be done alone. I’m constantly asking questions, sending emails, and contacting other departments to make sure I’m completing my tasks correctly. I was nervous in the beginning because I did not want to come off as uneducated, but I realized that was the best way I caught on. That’s where the collaborative side can be seen. I learned that everything is a team effort because nothing can get done without your partners.

I was impressed by how organized all the projects are at 78 Madison. As an account services intern one's biggest task is to manage the project and make sure the client is content with the agency's work. I’m so organized myself that I was interested in seeing how they established assignments and kept up with deadlines. Job jackets, calendars, and reminders are music to my ears, and I learned that they are also very crucial in the advertising field. As an intern I learned that the more organized you are, the easier the task becomes. Creating a schedule for your day, week, a month will make your load just a little lighter.

My favorite part of this internship has been my team. I didn’t want to feel like a newbie, so i tried my best to get to know everyone. It was a great decision because it makes coming into work that much better. Everyone at 78 Madison treats each other with such respect that it creates a positive environment. In my opinion, the positive environment leads to excellent content.

Working in advertising can be tricky but as an intern my goal was to take in as much as I can as a beginner in the field through repetition and continuity and that’s exactly what I received. Every individual will have a different explanation on how their experiences are in new work environments but I can say it’s great feeling to be reassured through an internship that this is exactly what I want as a career choice. That’s the purpose after all, to spend these few months figuring out of this type of job is for you.

Growing up, how did you figure out what you want to do as a career? Was it through internship opportunities like myself or through other outlets?

Tarlan Eshghi
University of Central Florida Student
Account Services Intern, 78Madison

78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm – advertising agency- located in Orlando, Florida (Altamonte Springs, Florida)

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