January 2018

Good question, don’t you think? And one we should ask ourselves more often.

78Madison’s clients are diverse, dynamic and driven. And what fascinates us most is that they all have great stories to tell; and we want to deeply consider those stories when developing communications platforms on their behalf. To do so, our agency strives to continually enhance the emotional connection we have with each client. Why? Because their story becomes our story, and collectively that story is how we touch customers. It’s a shared journey.

We also get closer to our clients by getting closer to their customers. 78Madison invests a tremendous amount of time in research to ensure we stay close to consumer sentiment as it evolves. On behalf of our clients we clearly understand our role in a consumer’s life and in that regard must be respectful of how we communicate with them. Our ability to reach consumers is intimate and therefore a privilege.

The bottom line is that all clients across all categories are grappling with category and consumer disruption. Our role therefore is to determine the best way to tie the heart of our clients brand story to every aspect of the product experience; to earn trust by communicating one to one and with heightened relevance.

How about you? What will you or your company do to get closer to your customers in 2018? Let us know.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison

78Madison is a full service marketing communications firm (advertising agency) located in Orlando-Altamonte Springs Florida.

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