July 2015

Given the importance of marketing in the overall success of your company, the firm that assists you in facing your marketing challenges today and in the future should have a proven track record. The firm should have a solid understanding of both the general marketing climate and the issues specific to your industry.

The firm should have a wealth of multi-industry experience and knowledge, and employ state-of-the-art methodologies and analyses. Most important, the firm should be committed to uncompromising standards of quality. Does this sound like your marketing partner? If not, maybe its time to take a fresh look at someone new…a firm that has diligently and consistently helped clients understand, prioritize and realize their business goals...a firm where no problem is too large or small. In other words, versatile from years of planning and developing unique product and service offerings.

It may still be some time before the market begins to look robust. Until then, make sure you are partnering with a marketing communications firm that understands the nature of your situation, and how to lead you during these difficult times.

Joe Bouch