If you have heard it once you have heard it a thousand times; digital is important! Digital has become a deeply rooted aspect of our DNA. But are you as drained as I am of “digital”? Trying to keep up with all the new terms, rules, obstacles and mine fields…eyes glossing over at the new sheriff in town called “programmatic”. It almost causes one to not pay attention, particularly if you have a “team of experts” who can alert you to the next change…the key word being ALMOST.

We have to pay attention, don’t we; at least if we want to survive on behalf of our clients. Let’s face it, one thing that really matters to advertisers right now is AD BLOCKING. It might seem like a problem mostly for online publishers, but even marketers who are paying on a cost-per-click or viewability basis need to consider this: what happens when there is no ad to click? What happens if the ad cannot even be seen to be ignored? What will this do to supply?

Programmatic, of course, is one answer to some of the ad avoidance in the digital sphere, a method of getting the right ads near the right people. But it turns out that this possibly magic bullet isn’t so cheap once everyone involved takes their piece of the pie. It also turns out that marketers don’t necessarily mind the cost because they feel the costs are tangible and the ROI is justified. They also feel there are ways to keep the costs from running wild – I on the other hand am not so sure.

And what about Google? To some extent Google’s problems are the entire digital ecosystem’s problems. As it grapples with the move from desktop to mobile, from a world of browsers to one of APPS, we should all be paying attention to a company whose every action has the ability to reshape wide swaths of the digital marketing landscape.

Would be interested in your thoughts.

Joe Bouch