November 2015

Today’s public relations professionals have skills that propel them much further than the traditionally perceived media relations guru who can write a press release and has key media contacts. The perception of those outside of the public relations industry is what has often leant itself to gratuitous criticism and unattainable results.

When deciding on whether or not to implement public relations, you should determine your expectations and demand a clear understanding of the outcome a strategic public relations campaign can achieve for you.

An effective campaign begins with a PR professional that can provide skills that encompass strategic counseling and tactical thinking through consistent monitoring of industry trends & public perception. Such practices enable the PR professional to create a solid public relations campaign that positions the client as a respected leader in their industry. A strong campaign delivers less of a need for crisis management and more of a focus on maintaining a positive position through efficient issues management. Consistent monitoring of issues and trends enables the public relations professional to forecast not only potential challenges before they turn into a crisis, but also identify valuable promotional opportunities.

You should look for PR professionals that have a vast knowledge of the various forms of media and how certain types of media can impact the campaign for better or for worse. For example, a public relations campaign that needs to inform senior citizens about changes to their prescription benefits would not exclusively, if at all, use blogs to reach the relevant audience with such pertinent information. A polished PR professional has to immediately recognize which forms of media would successfully communicate to the applicable target audience for maximum impact.

All in all, when in search of a public relations professional or firm, the best approach is to seek practitioners that thoroughly delve into your business and provide comprehensive strategic counsel and can effectively maneuver in all forms of media for the greatest success.

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Joe Bouch