November 2015

For years, search has been relatively simple – well, for a non-technical guy like me – and lucrative. Of course no secret that search has been dominated by Google, and performed on desktop devices. But have you noticed the massive shift, from traditional search?

The search landscape is absolutely fragmenting.

The proliferation of smartphones apps and the rise of a generation with no concrete ties to desktop computers are honestly throwing Google and advertisers into a tailspin. Why? Because when it comes to time spent on a device, mobile is king, surpassing desktop at a ratio of nearly 60-40. With users spending 88% of that smartphone time in apps instead of the smartphone browser – where Google search lives – it is becoming clear their search-advertising dominance might soon become an issue…and marketers will need to explore new means of mobile-first advertising ways to reach their targets through vertical search.

Some experts would disagree, pointing out that users run apps like Spotify constantly in the background or play games while having several articles pegged to read later in the phones browser. But apps are running wild either way. Look at your own phone for proof. You might see a marvel of modern technology, app after app specifically designed to entertain you or make your life easier. Or you might see it as clutter or chaos or an overabundance of choice.

It’s an interesting twist for the King of Search.

What do you think? Where to you think Search is going to go?

Joe Bouch