January 2016

Marketing is a fast-moving industry by nature. Like most years, a whole lot has happened in the during the previous year that will of course influence the current year – 2016.

Marketing is becoming more localized and more personalized. Snapchat has exceeded many marketers' expectations, now getting 4 billion video views per day -- the same number as Facebook. We're seeing a rise in wearable tech, which is giving marketers a ton more consumer data to work with.

It's time to put these changes into perspective as we enter a brand new year. To help us stay ahead of the marketing trends in 2016, here is what we think you should know about as you strategize for the year…

So many new products released never live up to the hype, but we believe 2016 is set to be a game-changer year.

Oculas Rift – as virtual reality becomes scaled and highly accepted, it will seamlessly integrate digital imagery with the real world; significantly impacting how we can engage with customers.

Hololens – another dive into an alternate reality. Hololens by Microsoft brings the ability for an untethered experience. Focusing more on augmented reality, you can alter the existing world around you.

Wearable Tech – as the value of data exchanged between devices rises, more brands are rolling out products to tap its potential, enabling us to target people based on their daily habits.

New Improved Search Engines – already a hub of information, we can expect to see integrated search engines in our social networks, helping consumes reach more, find more, and do more in less time.

Periscope – brought to us by Twitter, Periscope brings a way to live stream video at any time, just using our smart phone cameras. The apps notifies followers, allowing for simple sharing.

Snapchat – set to become a standard in marketing platforms, your Snapchat consumers will digest content in real time. Exclusive content with an expiration makes consumers feel more connected and unique.

Content marketing is 62% cheaper per lead than traditional outbound marketing. Stay on budget by focusing on the marketing channels that deliver the highest results.

Interactive Stories – 67% of North American senior marketers say visual assets are essential to communicating their brand stories, ranking photography and video as critical to their success.

Episodic Content – snippets of content that progress along a plotline with a beginning, middle and end; 80% of decision makers prefer to learn company information from a series of articles, rather from advertising.

Influencers – industry spokespeople who lead social conversations that drive global change and peer to peer business; 84% of worldwide marketing and communications professionals plan to launch influencer-based programs in the next year.

Today’s consumers have grown tired of traditional advertising messages. Show them you’re honest, supportive and ready to help them change the world for the better.

Be Transparent – 58% of consumers better trust companies that produce video content.

Reward for Good Behavior – 37% of millennials are strongly motivated by wearable devices that reward them with loyalty points.

Display Greater Meaning – 60% of millennials say they chose to work for their current employers for the sense of purpose.

We have more to come, because this is just a tip of the iceberg for what will affect us all in 2016. Stay tuned for more trending from 78MADISON.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison
78Madison is a full-service marketing communications firm - advertising agency - located in Orlando, Florida