June 2016

At 78Madison we often talk about the fact that “getting things done” is not the same as “making things happen”. Frankly, any advertising agency can get things done; but only a few stand-out shops consistently make things happen. Said differently…

We can:
>Reply to email.
>Answer the phone.
>Pay the bills.
>Cross off to-do’s.
>Fulfill our assignments.
>Share things we’ve heard.
>Go with the flow.
>Anticipate roadblocks, and
>Aim for “good enough.”

Or we can:
>Organize a collaborative partnership.
>Take a risk.
>Set ambitious goals.
>Give more than we take.
>Change perceptions.
>Forge a new path.
>Create possibilities, and
>Demand excellence.

Are you focused on making things happen? We sure are at 78Madison.

Joe Bouch
CEO, 78Madison
A full service marketing communications firm and advertising agency in Altamonte Springs (Orlando) Florida