June 2016

Someone asked me today what our agency was all about. What our real DNA was. What our history was. What our core truths were? Interesting questions, because as marketers, we all tend to have a bit of an angle, but in the end we are who we are.

So here are some historic truths…

We go by the name of 78Madison, a full-service marketing communications firm – an advertising agency - and have conducted business under that name for less than one year.

Before 78Madison we were Chisano Marketing Group, an advertising agency I bought in 2014; also an agency that I was President of beginning in 2006. Prior to the Chisano name, we were First Marketing Group, and perhaps even had a couple of name iterations before that.

The original marketing-advertising agency that is now 78Madison was formed in 1983, and despite its name changes, has essentially been the same organization for the past 33 years. Today, while we identify ourselves as an Orlando, Florida advertising agency, we are actually located in Altamonte Springs, Florida in the Scan Design Building – 999 Douglas Avenue, Altamonte Springs, Florida. We moved to the Scan Design from Longwood, Florida in 2012.

Our marketing communications specialties include graphic design; art and layout; name and logo development; copywriting; strategic, market and brand planning; media planning, buying and implementation – both new and traditional media; web development; search engine optimization; social media marketing; direct marketing; email marketing; research and analytics; full-service public relations; online marketing; promotions and events, including event planning and grand openings; and probably hundreds of other things that fall in between.

Our team of marketing specialists is not only smart, but pretty eclectic and resilient when it comes to solving problems for our clients. They come equipped with traditional skills, and non-traditional thinking, and simply tend to think differently about advertising and marketing…

We think in terms of ideas that can come from anywhere, that can be expressed in any form, and that will effectively integrate throughout your business.

We think advertising is more than purchased space and time or the messages that fill it.

We think people don't notice what they think they've seen before.

We think it's important to find ways to encourage people to interact with our clients messages.

We think too many traditional agencies think predictably.

We think “new media” agencies too often lack strategic perspective because they are so fixated on the new shiny toy.

We think integrated agencies kind of have the right idea, with one problem: the stuff that needs to be integrated is constantly changing.

We think the most important skill an advertising agency can have is an ability listen intently and to respond accordingly.

We don’t bother to say, “We think outside the box” because we don’t think the box exists anymore.

We believe that formula thinking leads to formula ideas; and that formula ideas create a bunch of ugly wallpaper.

Consider that…

People don’t want time off; they want to be emotionally transformed by a vacation experience that will forever stir unforgettable memories.

People don’t want a window; they want to be safe, warm, dry, and have a great view from a good-looking house.

People don’t want a car; they want performance, or safety, or status, or decent gas mileage.

And people don’t want to be bothered; hey want to be surprised and entertained.

The honest truth is that people don’t think about your product and services as much as you do, or as much as you think they do. That’s why we find out what people think, not just about your product, but about life. That way, we’ll know how to surprise and engage them with a message that encourages them to think more about you.

Me? I grew up in Orlando, Florida.

I graduated from Edgewater High School in College Park, Florida.

Got my undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Was privileged enough to secure a James Webb Young Scholarship from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where I got my Master’s Degree in Advertising Studies.

And in 1978 (as in 78Madison), I began my advertising career on Madison Avenue in New York City at Compton Advertising, the largest Procter & Gamble advertising agency at the time.

Any other questions?

Joe Bouch, CEO 78Madison
CEO, 78Madison
A full service marketing communications firm and advertising agency in Altamonte Springs (Orlando) Florida