Drupal Web Developer

Drupal Web Developer

Drupal/PHP Developer with Intermediate DevOps Experience.


  • Solid understanding of Drupal 7 & 8 (working with Drupal Core & Theming)
  • Solid understanding of PHP/MySQL - both procedural and OOP
  • Good understanding of CentOS (6 and 7), firewalld, cloud server environments, checking error logs/postfix/etc.
  • Good understanding of how Nameservers/DNS works

Additional skill sets that would be nice:

  • Good knowledge of Responsive HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge and curiosity of hybrid mobile technologies such as Cordova/ReactNative, their advantages and limitations, etc.
  • Understanding of responsive Email techniques

While 78Madison is primarily looking for a Drupal developer, the ideal candidate is someone who not only is proficient there, but also has an innate curiosity in other areas as well. The ideal candidate probably develops his/her own things during off time - both out of curiosity and in the hopes of building the next Facebook. Whether or not he/she succeeds is unimportant. It's the fact that they are interested in challenging themselves to do something different and are learning in the process that makes them a great fit.

Interested? Send resume, financial requirements, and any "job conditions" you may require to Joe Bouch, CEO at 78Madison - jbouch@78madison.com.